Saturday, August 11, 2007

We're back

Okay, we have been driving all day. All day through Wyoming, which I have already explained and the northern part of Colorado. They are both beautiful but I could not get an internet connection to save my life. Going through Colorado was similar to Wyoming because there wasn't much in the way of people or businesses. It is absolutely amazing to look at though. It is very green and mountainess. There were tons of cows and horses and deer. At one point Marc swerved off the road and was so excited he was yelling, "Oh my God, did you see? A kangaroo!"
I was laughing so hard. "A kangaroo, do you know where we are?" I said. To his credit these deer type animals did really resemble kangaroos. They had big ears and they hopped like kangaroos do. But really, a kangaroo in the Rockies? He said, "Well, you know with the kangaroo farms." I do not watch the amount of Animal Planet as he and Chase do, but if there were such farms I thought maybe I would have heard about them somewhere. Oh well, the kangaroo type deers were really cute.
Our car ride was a long one. The kids were getting on each others nerves a little bit. Well really Chase getting on Saige's nerves. We stopped to get them lunch and when we got in the car we had been driving for a few minutes and I noticed they didn't have their seatbelts on, so I told them to put them on. It was taking Chase longer than Saige thought necessary so she yelled, "Chase, Mommy told you to put on your seatbelt!" He was like, "Saige! Hold on, God, I am scratching my butt." Oh Chase, Chase, Chase. That is all I can think of to say. He got completely punch drunk by the end of our drive. We had 20 miles left and he couldn't stop laughing. He was being so silly.
It is now 10:30 at night and we just arrived at our friends Steve and Tamar's ultra cool chataeu in Aspen, Co. We are staying here for the weekend and we are so happy because the town looks adorable (chock full of stores and restaurants) and this place is amazing.


Brother Chris said...

Alright, this sounds nice. I think I'd like to see some pictures of the "ultra-cool chateau", along with some of the rich, green countryside and maybe a side order of Kangaroo-Deer. I hope this isn't going to take all day again :)

sarah said...

Lots of celebs in Aspen. Make sure to have your camera ready just in case you have a sighting.

mama said...

Aspen is a beautiful place enjoy but don't get to use to it we want you to come home. I think this part of your trip will be more enjoyable staying in a home vs cramped hotel rooms. Take mucho many pics for us. Love to all