Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lunch and stuff

We are now heading through Iowa. Lunch really is the only thing to talk about. So what we did was see, we stopped at Subway. Saige got a turkey hoagie with amer. cheese, lettuce and tomato. Chase got a turkey hoagie (he fell off the wagon, he is going no red meat for now). He also mixed up an interesting drink out of the soda fountain which consisted of half cherry coke and half root beer. It really was quite tasty.
Now we are just passing many many fields. Fields with big billboards. Did someone named Bill invent the billboard? Is anyboby out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? Questions so many questions when you are on the road. Well, really just that one.
Saige and Chase have gotten the first aid kit out. Saige had to perform some sort of surgery on Chase's toe. I really trust her. She is good with blood. No, there is no blood. That's crazy, why would there be blood? She does want to be refered to as Dr. Schramm now though.
We are determined to make it well into Nebraska tonite. We want to make it to Jackson Hole by Tomorrow night. That's our goal.
Uh oh, Saige has the tongue depresser out now. She is gently placing (shoving-semantics) it down Chase's throat right now. He is fine. I am just trying to mind my own business.
We have heard many good old songs today, including but not limited to Landslide, Yesterday, and others that have completely gone out of my mind.


Mom said...

Dr. Schramm, Mechanical Marc, wow, all these hidden talents emerging and it's only Day 2. We are avidly following your journey, but I am afraid to post too much or you might think I am shadowing you. Anyway, time for Yahtzee now. Hope you see something besides corn. Oh, for The World of Pigeons now, huh?

Amy said...

Please, comment away. It entertains us. We can really only look at so much corn. Good luck in Yahtzee. I find blowing on the dice and saying, "Momma needs a new pair of shoes." always helps.

Brother Chris said...

Please give a shout to Chachi from Uncle Chris. What is he getting into? Did he try to give some of his sandwich to anyone today? Please take some pictures of Iowans (are they anything like the Amish?) in their natural habitat. I'm going to try to coax our brother "Maniacal Mark" to get in on this.