Saturday, August 4, 2007

Driving almost done for Day 1

Well day one driving is a little less than an hour. We just passed into Indianapolis. Our nav is saying we should be at the hotel in 60 miles. It was not bad. The kids did really well. We are going to see The Counting Crows, Live and Collective Soul tonight. We should be at the hotel in time to let them take a swim, eat some dinner and go.


Anonymous said...

Marc, Amy, Sage an Chase, you look to be having the time of your life. World of Pigeons! We are jeaolous!!! Have fun! Signed- The Lemon Man

sarah said...

In honor of your concert tonight Viv and I jammed out to a little Black Crows this afternoon.
Good Stuff! Enjoy the show.

Brother Chris said...

Where is today's info so far? We, your followers, need to be kept informed. What did the kids have for breakfast? Did they brush their teeth, and if so, was it before or after their morning's meal? C'mon let's turn loose today's juice. And, btw, where are we heading today?