Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My last fishing story (I hope)

Our last day in Aspen turned out to be a good one for everyone. Saige and I went shopping. She made out quite well. After a successful hour or two we were sitting on a bench having a drink and chatting. I asked her what her favorite part of the trip was so far. She thought for a moment and then she said, "I have to say, my favorite part has been shopping with you." Ah (as bells ring somewhere above) a girl after my own heart.
Guess what Marc and Chase did? You guessed it. Fishing again. They could hardly wait to get out the door. They were supposed to be back around 1:15-1:30 to get on the road. By 3 I was starting to get nervous. No calls, no answering the phone. No nothing. A little after 3 my phone rings and it is Chase. Of course. We all know I will never be mad at him. He says, "We caught like 20 fish Mom." Then the line goes dead. Marc told me later that when he hung up he goes, "I lost her. She's fine." So, anyway, they had a really successful day, fish just waiting in line to take their bait. To good to leave.
During their excusion Chase posed that age old question to Marc, "How did the first fish get here?" The old which came first the chicken (fish) or the egg? This turned into a whole conversation on evolution vs. creation. So typical of Chase, for all his scratching and silliness he loves to delve into the deepest of subjects. A couple days before we left he had me reading to him before bed from Dr. Brian Weiss's, "Many Minds, Many Masters" He had so many questions about past lives. I just don't know where he get's it from. No, I do.


mama said...

Sonds like a scarey night to me. I don't know why the Schramm Men (or all men?) push and push. Did they eber hear that tomorrow is another day?

Lipsky said...

Of course she is going to say "shopping with you Mommy"! She ain't no fool! What girl in her right mind wouldn't like that part of her trip the best? Well, maybe me...it would take a close 2nd to sampling the menu's across country:) So glad you are having fun, and what wonderful memories you are making! xo