Friday, August 10, 2007


We are jaded by moose. You literally can't swing a dead raccoon around here without seeing a moose. Day One: We see a moose, we are very excited, stop the car, take pictures. Talk about it for an hour. Day two: See a moose , get somewhat excited (really thinking about bears) snap a photo or two. Day three: See cars parked along the road, lean out the window, ask someone what is there. "Oh, a moose, okay, thanks have a good day. Drive on. Oh my, isn't that a sin? We are totally bypassing the moose(es) I don't know if there is a plural for moose. This particular one we actually named. Marvin. He is there when we enter the park, he is there when we leave. He seems to like licking the road. I don't know why. He's a moose for goodness sake. Who knows why they do what they do. He was cute though. We are going to miss him. Kind of, he did block traffic a lot. We are from the east coast, we may be on vacation but we are still always subconciously in a hurry. You know it's the truth.

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Brother Chris said...

If a goose in the plural becomes geese, maybe a moose in the plural becomes meese; a maggle of meese? Huh? I'd be less worried about the meese and more worried about the dead raccoons. And why are you swinging them? Please stop!