Saturday, August 4, 2007

On the road

Well we have officialy started our trip. We left at about six this morning. At first we had some technical difficulties. There was a slight problem with the computer, the keys were making numbers instead of letters. So Marc decided to fix it while we were driving (sorry Mom). We are back to good now. If this ever happens to you just hit shift and the numbers lock key and every little thing will be alright.
So far we have driven by a lot of farm houses and the one interesting place called The World of Pigeons. We did not stop though. We have stopped to go the bathroom. I really want to stop again but I don't have the heart to tell Marc. He hates to stop. One time on a trip to Florida he actually tried to bring some contraption for me to pee into. Needless to say it went unused. I just tried to drive a lot and stop whenever he was asleep. Is this to much information? Get used to it, we are going to be in the car a long time. Chase has asked what time it is every hour on the hour and at one point Saige felt like she was going to throw up. It is 10 after 9. We do have some good tunes though. How much more hours do we have? To many to count baby.


Brother Chris said...

We'd all like to know the direction you are headed. What states will you be crossing through first? I think if you go to Ohio there might be some sort of giant squash or other interesting over-sized items just outside of Dayton. Don't want to miss those.

Mom said...

I am so glad you are doing this. I have been thinking about you and wondering what time you got off and where you are since I woke up this morning. Now I know. Too bad that you passed up "The World of Pigeons" though. Might have been some good photo ops. On second thought, maybe not. I am praying Saige can hold it together. I have visions of her about 4:00 this afternoon, screaming "let me outta here." Remember the flight to Hawaii? Chase can always look at Jumanji if he gets bored. I hope you remembered to bring it. Oh, silly me, I forgot. You brought all your worldly possessions, didn't you? Well, be careful and try not to irritate Marc too much with a lot of whining and begging to stop. Unless there's a good photo op, of course.

Anonymous said...

you guys are sooo lucky....this is probably a once in a lifetime experience to spend lots of quality (and maybe some not so quality) time together....we're all sooo time chase asks how long till we're there give him uncle Michael's famous answer "10 more minutes" you aunt Susan