Sunday, August 19, 2007

Venice Beach

We got to Venice Beach around 9 tonite. We got in the house and it is super cool (pictures to be posted later). One small glitch, no tv in the master. This is a problem for us. We like our tv before bed. I know many people don't but we do. When I got the house, it said there was a tv in the master, this is a deal breaker. But guess what? Marc finds a tv in the downstairs closet, I swear to God, he hooks it right up and we are in business.
Okay, it is dark here now so it is hard to see but we took a little walk up between the houses. It is a street where there is not street. There are alleys behind the houses on both sides. Between the houses that face each other there is a sidewalk. In the dark it looks adorable. Julia Roberts has a house on this street. There was filming going on in one of the houses. There was a film crew at the front door, we could hear them talking (the kids were spying! Not us, of course.) They were filming whoever it was going in their front door. So they call me out to see what is going on. When we get back, guess what? We had locked ourselves out of the house! The door locked automatically. Behind the house in the alley there is this huge gate that has a remote to get your car in and out of. We had closed the gate and the remote was inside. This sucks. Really. The kids want to try and climb the fence, which has pointy tops. I can just imagine this, Saige goes up, gets caught, falls, and then on top of being locked out we have to deal with the emergency room. Been there, done that. No thank you. While we (the kids and I) are walking around like chickens with our heads cut off Marc gets in by jimmying a door open with an old drivers liscense. Add that to his list of credentials. Thank God.
Marc took the kids and went to the grocery store. I got my first bout of homesickness. I missed my dogs, and my room and my friends and my Mommy. Luckily I checked my e mail and I had a letter from one of my yoga buddies and it was long and made me smile and then I felt better.

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Meredith said...

Well, it's a relief to hear that Mechanical Marc is still on the job. We are still laughing at the thought of you running around after you locked yourselves out. Please try to have a peaceful week. I don't know why I even say that, knowing how you thrive on chaos. When exactly will you be back? I miss you all very much and can't wait to see you.