Thursday, August 23, 2007


We had another great day yesterday. Pretty much the same, kids to surf camp, me to yoga. Lunch, some haircuts for Marc and Chase. Today when we picked up the kids from camp we went to the Santa Monica Pier. There are a bunch of rides and games and they had a fun time. I can't believe in a week from today we will be home. It seems like so so long a go that we left. Today at home the letters from school saying what teacher everyone got came out. Of course the kids want to know who is in their classes so I got a chance to call some of my friends and chat and see who their kids got. That was nice because I miss everyone.


Sarah said...

Hi, We came home from the hospital today. I was jones'n for my fix of Schramm's Across America. Had to crawl up the steps to log on to my computer, but it was worth it. Sounds like you are all still having a great time.
Happy Belated Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy- I just took a break from packing to read all of your blog from the beginning- hilarious! What a cool adventure and family memory. Just remember that bike ride- you still have to go back. Can't wait to follow along.

We are leaving for Seattle tomorrow; cruising Alaska for 8 days. Will catch up when you return!

Love, Col