Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday in Wyoming

We drove yesterday for 17 and 1/2 hours. We traveled 1120 miles. We made it over the border of Wyoming at about 1 am. Really 3 our time but we went through two different time zones yesterday.
This morning we took our time. Got ourselves together and then got on the road at 11. We are on our way up to Yellowstone for a couple days before we go to Jackson Hole. On the way there we stopped at this really cool place called Vedawoo. It is all rock formations. Marc and the kids went way up one mountain. I am going to upload a bunch of the pictures to my flickr account. They had a great time. I am rather scared of heights so it was making me nervous. Chase said it was the best day of his life so far. Which really, that's saying a lot for Chase. He doesn't have it to bad.
We are stopped for lunch now in Laramie, Wy. Then we will get on the road again.


Meredith Bradbury said...

You are making good time. Please post more often. I don't think 3 (or 4) a day is too much to ask. I am going to do a blog of our trip to Maine because I love yours so much. I've started but am just fooling around getting used to it so far. Will let you know when it's fit for human consumption.
Love, Mom

Amy said...

Yeah, I was hoping you would do one too. I will post another now.

sarah said...

Wow! Saige is really flexible

Suz726 said...

Hi, everyone. I can't believe my brother is actually relaxing and less stress. You are very daring for taking the family cross country. (Just Kidding) I'm really enjoying hearing about your daily adventures. Continue to have fun!! Wish I started reading your blog sooner. Will write more.

Love ya, Suz