Sunday, August 5, 2007

last one for today

Okay, as a final update. It is ten o'clock. We just stopped somewhere in the middle of Nebraska and had dinner. We ate at a place reminiscent of Outback called The Whiskey Barrell. It landed somewhere between and Outback and a Ground Round. It got us out of the car for a little bit. Saige had been going decidedly down hill before we stopped. It definitely cheered her up. They are in the way back of the car now. Lying on top of everything giggling uncontrolably. Chase is definitely punch drunk. With any luck he will be out soon. In fact Saige just asked, "Are we allowed to fall asleep?" Marc said, "It's encouraged." We are going to try to make it another three hours tonight. We want to get this done in two days instead of three so we have the extra full day in Jackson Hole. Alright. Over and out. See you tomorrow.


aunt susan said...

okay guys...its 8:30 am here....we're down the shore and it's's keeping company with our friends golden....the problem is she doesn't think she's a dog...bryna's neice doesn't either...she keeps asking her to read to her....i tell everyone she's special and nobody believes me....speaking of believing....i doubt saige hurt chaises finger....especially on purpous....hang in the you only have about 28 more days and i can't figure how many hours that would and miss aunt susan
ps...ask saige to e-mail me...i couldn't get to her blog

Amy said...

Tell everyone we said hi. We are looking forward to seeing all you guys. You should be able to just link to her blog from mine, but I will tell her to e mail. Love, Us