Tuesday, August 7, 2007

driving to Jackson Hole

We had corn in Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska. In Wyoming there is just space. Fields, sky, endless space. And that is about it. For the first 3 hours or so I found it very peaceful. It was just so amazing to see everything for as far as you can see. Coming from the East Coast where you can't see the next street over this was incredible. At about hour 4 it started to freak me out. Working on only 4 hours sleep after a 17 hour drive didn't help either. It just started to make me feel uncomfortable. I wanted some sort of civilization. Throw me a bone, one Target, a Pier One, hell I would have taken a McDonalds. But no, nothing. So we drove and drove and drove. We did pass a bunch of cows, we saw some wild horses, deer, an antelope and a whole bunch of space. On our way into Jackson the sun had just set and we were surrounded by these beautiful mountains. All of the sudden Marc stopped the car really suddenly. He said, very excited, "Did you guys see that?" He points out the window and this huge moose is in a field across the road. He jumps out of the car followed by the kids and runs to the fence. I get out with my camera. It is getting dark, and kind of hard to see. We are moving close to the fence trying to see this magnificent creature. Marc actually starts to climb on the fence to get closer to the moose. This of course upsets Saige and I. Chase is egging him on. I get him to come away so we can leave. The thing is the moose has not moved. Not even an inch. At this point other cars are pulling over to see what is going on. As we are leaving I say, "that thing hasn't even moved an inch." "Is it real?" Chase and Saige vehemently insist that it is real. Chase claims to have seen it's tai move. We start to drive away and then actually turn back. We go to the other side of the fence and Marc shines his light right on the moose. Still hasn't moved an inch. And guess what? It doesn't even have a tail. Hmmmm. Me thinks something is not right. Well we are still not in agreement whether this creature is real or not. Chase says yes, I say no, Saige is a no, Marc is one the fence, the proverbial kind, fortunately we got him off the moose fence.
We are safe and sound at our hotel now. No driving until Friday, yeah!!


Brother Chris said...

Okay, finally a day of rest during the "Schramms Across America" tour. Today should be a fun one. If you get time, strap a helmet cam to one of the kids and let's get a live feed of today's action. Back home the fans are screaming for more Chase! Please give more info on the handsome li'l devil.

Meredith Bradbury said...

Your description of all that empty space was really vivid. Kinda creepy, though. Is today your day for Yellowstone? It's extremely hot and muggy here so I hope you're having fresh air and gentle breezes.

mama said...

So you'll finally have a day of car freedom. Stretch those legs and open your eyes, and let the adventures begin !!! Have fun and enjoy. By the by, did you drive by miles if tumbleweed? Love ya, Mom