Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lake Powell (A three part play)

Lake Powell. Part One. Lake Powell is this really amazing lake that is surrounded by these huge rock/clay formations. It is situated in the northern part of Arizona and runs up into Utah. It is not only the lake that is interesting to look at but driving there you pass all sorts of formations and canyons. So much in fact that we just told the kids that it was the Grand Canyon so we could bypass that.

We had gone back and forth a bunch of times about even going to Lake Powell because the weather was supposed to be bad. It turned out that it was beautiful. We wanted to rent a boat for the day. There were none left at the place where we were staying at so we had to go into town. They guy just had Marc sign a paper and hitched this big boat to our car. We had to get it in the water. It was a little scary but Marc did it. So far so good.


Brother Chris said...

What do you mean you told them it was the Grand Canyon? The GC is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, probably worth a few hours. What are you going to show them in the next state, Big Ben and Parliament?

Meredith said...

Actually, that sounds quite sensible to me. After all, if you've seen one rock formation, you've seen them all, right?

mama said...

Yeah Marc, is there anything he can't do? He breaks into cars, drives through storms, hooks boats onto cars, and always acts like he knows what he is doing. It sounds like he is having a ball !

Amy said...

We are In Las Vegas now so we figured we could knock out the eiffel tower, egypt and venice!!

Sarah said...

You know I have told you that I have always wanted to do the whole cross country thing. Sounded like fun. That was until I read your last post. Wyoming, Utah, rocks, more rocks.. don't think I could last. So brainstorm! I am going to cut & paste your pics and insert me, Brad & Viv and when Viv, asks when we are going on a cross country trip I will tell her "Viv we did that when you were 2, silly, don't you remember? I have pictures. There is the moose we saw, the rocks we climbed..etc"
Oh my kids will need therapy!
Keep the stories & pics coming.