Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let Me Tell You Something

about driving through Utah at night. First of all, I know I said Wyoming was desolate. It's got nothing on Utah. In Wyoming we would see cows, horses, deer. Utah, well, there were signs for deer. No real deer though. The signs that said there were deer all had bunches of bullet holes in them. That was comforting. Also, through all the other states, even when there was nothing, every 100 miles or so you would see an exit with all the friendly little square signs telling you they have gas, or food, or lodging, or maybe a hospital. In Utah when there was a sign for an exit underneath would be a big sign that said NO SERVICES. That too, made up feel welcome.
This picture does not do it justice, it was taken while driving at night, so it is blurry. It was the most insane sunset I have ever seen. It literally looked like we were driving off the edge of the earth into a pit of lava. It was bright red. And right to the left of it were huge bolts of lightening that would hit every few minutes. We saw one bolt that landed on the top of a mountain and smoke was curling up. All this lightening led to a huge downpour. The rain was pouring and the wind was so intense that at one point it felt like it was under the wheels of the car. Meanwhile there were big trucks swaying back and forth. It wasn't much fun. The one mildly amusing part was with all the movies and games and whatever we have with us Saige and Chase took this time to play throw the empty water bottle in the dark and see who can hit the other one in the head. That wasn't to annoying, at least it kept them busy.
We drove and drove through some of the most unsettling roads we have been on. During the day it might have been beautiful, who knows Marc might have seen a koala or two, but at night it was just plain scary. It was pitch black and really late. I was so tired but couldn't go to sleep, because if I went to sleep who would announce to Marc the speed limit everytime there was a sign? He totally loves when I do that. We even took it upon ourselves to get lost getting to the hotel. When we arrived the clock said 2:45 a.m. Guess what? At first the woman at the desk couldn't find that we had a room because her computer was down. Ready for the silver lining? When we got in our room, and we did the clock said 2 a.m. we had crossed our last time zone and gained an hour. Yeah.
Today better be fun, that's all I can say.


Meredith said...

Well, where are you now? You're not all running away from home, never to be heard from again, are you? I think you need a warm yoga studio right now.

Anonymous said...

Amy~i love this little blog spot. so much fun to read about all the fun and funny pitfalls that are happening. what an adventure you will have to tell when you eventually get home. enjoy it, baby!