Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Old Faithful

After our fishing success we made our way up into Yellowstone Park. These parks are enormous. You have to drive through The Grand Teton Park to get to Yellowstone. It takes quite a while. All along the way is the most beautiful scenery. We did see a moose on the way in. I got a good picture of it. I will post it on Flickr. I am almost up and running on that, I had to open a new account. I will post the link tomorrow. We passed waterfalls, and a huge canyon. We made our way up to Old Faithful. We got lucky and it went off right as we sat down.

After we saw it go up we decided to take the walk and see Morning Glory which is the absolutely beautiful geyser. It was a 3 mile roundtrip walk. I was psyched because we had left before I had time to go to the gym. Everyone agreed they wanted to go. It was really interesting. The whole way along are different geysers that were just so amazing, the colors, the steam coming out of them. Some looked like little volcanos and some looked like beautiful pools of water. The walk went well, there was a bit of complaining about a half mile in. Suddenly Saige's toe had a problem and her lips were chapped. Chase kept wanting to "take a rest Mom." For a while Marc had to carry Saige on his shoulders because of the toe issue. At one point we could have veered off a little bit to see the river geyser and Chase says, "Come on, it's just another one of those things." I got a flash of being in Spain when I was in high school and after we had toured about 1001 churches my friend Suzy leaned over and said, "Ya seen one of these things, you seen 'em all." So I could feel for him. But we had gone that far, we had to trudge on. We made it to Morning Glory and it was worth the walk. That is the top picture.
After we were done there it was time to head back. We got home around 9:30. One little glitch was being pulled over. We were used to that though from yesterday when Marc got pulled over on the way up here. Yesterday he got a ticket and a fine. Luckily today was just a warning, they have his name though. Bad Marc. Don't tell me to tell him to slow down either, that's all I do.He just doesn't listen. He tried to justify it by saying, "Come on Amy we are on the road for a long time. Chances are we were going to get pulled over." I said, "Twice in two days, I didn't see that coming."
When we got back to the hotel we switched rooms. I am really not sure how he did it but he got us a free upgrade and now for the night we have this beautiful suite. There is a whole kitchen and living room with a murpy bed. There is a seperate room and bath. Ahhhh.... I don't quite understand how he does these things but it definitely made up for getting pulled over AGAIN.

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Suz726 said...

Amy, will Marc ever learn!! The pics are beautiful!!