Friday, August 17, 2007

Chillin' by the pool

It was really hot today. We decided to just hang by the pool. It was so hot then even if you were sitting in the sun for a while and decided to get up if you got up to quick you could get a head rush. The kids stayed in the water the whole day. The only time they got out was to sit in this big comfy chair and eat their lunch. They made some friends from California and I read my book.
After it cooled down a bit, to about 110 degrees we got showers and went out to dinner. We went to the MGM Grand so the kids could see the lions. It was actually reallly cool. We learned they had just spent 9 million dollars for the new lion habitat. It has places to climb and play and water features. It is surrounded by sound proof plexiglass so the lions don't have to listen to what is going on outside. There are two lions in there at a time and they switch them once a day. There are 13 sets of lions and when they are not at the casino they live on a huge ranch outside of Las Vegas. They looked like they were having fun, playing with each other and playing with these huge dog toy looking things. It was cute.
Tomorrow we leave for California. It is our last big drive and it is really not even that long. I am glad about that, we have had some long drives.

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Brother Chris said...

I bet the kids loved the MGM and the lions last night - I know I would have. Speaking of that, can you ask how much it would cost to get some of the plexiglass for humans, I think I might like to try that for a while. Have fun in sunny California!