Friday, August 3, 2007

So they loaded up the Navigator........

Well the first thing you know old Marc did quit his job,
his wife Amy said, "Well we should get outta here."
She said, "California is the place we ought be."
So they loaded up the Navigator and went to Beverly
Well, Venice that is, beaches, yoga studios.......
Okay impatient one, and you know who you are, we have not left yet. We have about eight hours left before we go. Since I don't have any travel nuggets to entertain you with yet I thought I would share what Marc did to the car. I just love it. The truck is all loaded. Lucy went off to Sit Happens to play for the month. Mickey is here, I took it upon myself to give him a little good bye haircut. It looks good. I am adding dog groomer to my resume (ha ha to you too). My friend Donna is coming to take care of him. See you tomorrow.


sarah said...

Looking forward to living vicariously through your trip from the comfort of my bed. Will keep you posted on any baby updates.
Drive safe!

Anonymous said...

You clever girl... in dialogue... as well as setting up this go! to California and beyond! Hope the fam enjoys the trip!
Love Kath