Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our last night.....

We can't believe it. We are going home tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday we were getting in the car with all our stuff ready to go. We went through 12 different states. We traveled over 5000 miles. We laughed, we broke a foot, we saw some bears, we made some friends and we have memories that will last a lifetime.
We spent our last couple days in San Diego. Yesterday Marc and Chase went fishing. They ended up making a seal friend who followed them around and they fed all their bait to him. Not much fishing done. Saige and I went to La Jolla. We walked around a bit. She has a big boot on now in additon to her crutches so it was kind of hard for her. We had fun though. Last night we went to our friend Chris's friends house for dinner in Coronado. They had a really cute little girl that the kids played with.
Today Marc took both kids out seal watching. They all caught fish and had a lovely day on the boat. I hung out here and got our stuff packed and that kind of stuff.
Tonight we ended our trip in the same restaurant we started in (just in a different state). We ate at P.F. Chang's and talked about our trip. Everyone had different funniest parts and different favorite places. Chase really loved the baby bear in the Grand Tetons, Marc and I loved Santa Monica and Saige had a great time at Universal. There were so many funny things that happened on our trip and we laughed about them, Marc thinking a the song "The Stars Go Blue" was called "The Stars Go Boo." was one of my favorites.
We are all looking forward to going home too. Chase can't wait because he has two of his best buddies in his homeroom this year, Jake and Matthew. Saige can't wait to see her friends. We all miss our doggies. Mostly I think we all want to sleep in our very own comfy beds.
We have another little trip still ahead. Two days after we get home we go to New York for the weekend for a wedding. As soon as we get back, the very next day school starts. Summer is over, but our adventures are not.........

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Meredith said...

You have had so many adventures. . .you are just an adventurous crew. It sounds as though the trip turned out to be everything you hoped for (except for the broken foot and a few other minor events)and now I am wondering, "What next?" Have a safe trip home and I'll see you Thursday.