Sunday, August 19, 2007

Univeral City

Today we spent the day at Universal Studios. My friend Lisa had just been there in June and told me before we went to definitely get the VIP passes so we could go to the front of the line for everything. Let me tell you, money well spent. When we first got there we went to this nice room that had pastries and drinks so we could get settled and meet our guide. Our guide was with us most of the day, he made sure we saw all the best shows and went on all the best rides, and there was no waiting! It was the totally worth it. One of their favorites was the Jurassic Park ride.

They got very wet! Another favorite was the Back to the Future ride. It is actually being retired and the park is putting in a Simpsons ride. One guy on our tour came specifically for that ride. Hmm.... Anyway, I went on it with them the second time they went on. I kept my eyes closed through most of it. It was cool, you were in this "Delorean" and a huge movie screen was in front of you. The car was raised up and moving and it made it feel like you were flying through the air. Going into a lava pit, in a dinosaurs mouth. The whole time Chase was saying, "Come on Mom, this is the coolest part. Open your eyes." It was fun. Kind of.

We also went on the backlot tour. We saw Wisteria Lane, the famous NYC street scene, King Kong, where they filmed War on the Worlds and all sorts of other cool things. One really cool part was the props room. Kazillions of props.Here is the picture from American Pie. A lot of the props had tags on them saying who wanted them for what show. We saw stuff saved for "Old Christine," "That's So Raven, " and our personal favorite, "Weeds".

All in all it was a really fun day. There were a million people there. It was very similar to a day at Great Adventure (which I hate, bah humbug) but with that great pass and the movie stuff it was actually really cool.


Meredith said...

That is an absolutely adorable picture of Saige and Chase. I love it! The Universal Tour sounds like lots of fun and it seems that you all enjoyed the rides. When do the surfing lessons start? I am a little nervous about that.

dominique said...

hey it is me again I forgot to ask when u guys come back!

dominique said...

hi it is dom it looks like you're having alot of fun.We also got the vip passes to the park wer'nt the rooms great?
talk to u guys soon dom!