Sunday, August 5, 2007

See God Kai

After much deliberation I have decided it is Jimmy crack corn. Not Johnny as I originally posted. Regardless there is enough corn for both Jimmy and Johnny and all their friends.
We recently stopped to get gas and are quite sure we saw Sammy the Bull Gravano buying a corn dog in the convience store. Don't tell anyone.
On another note. If anyone watches John from Cincinatti can you tell me if anything happens to Shaun? We are going to miss it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marc, Amy, Saige and Chase:

Your trip reads like the Griswold's drive across America! The corn sounds fascinating, uh, yeah, fascinating. What happened to Chase's finger, did Marc catch him doing a Ross-type salute at Saige? As to John From Cincinatti...I have two words: ON DEMAND! Each episode is available for free with HBO subscription for at least a month.Don't have it? Get TiVo!!

Amy said...

Uh duh. We aren't at home. See? That's the problem. I want to know now. We are quite familiar with all the features of on demand but once again we are driving across the country. Try to follow along.

sarah said...

Don't watch John.... but did catch Entourage. Tell Marc he didn't miss anything. Borning episode. Not enough Ari or Johnny Drama.