Saturday, August 18, 2007

LA Update

Okay we have been in LA less than 5 hours and we have two star sightings. I thought they were worth mentioning because cheesy as it may be it is still fun. First, Marc goes to the chiropracter as soon as we get here, all the driving did a number on his back. Guess who he see's? Robert Downey Junior on Santa Monica Blvd. Good, but I didn't see him so not great.
Like I said, this is the cutest place ever. It is in West Hollywood, it is on kind of a side street out of the way. I read all sorts of reviews on it and they said lot's of musicians stay here because it is out of the way. Well, it is only 5 floors. The 5th floor being the pool, which is enchanting with tables and star lights and a beautiful view. We are staying on the 3rd floor where the restaurant is located. The most charming little place with comfy tables and a fireplace with seats and a table around it. Also there is one guy, this older Italian gentleman who literally did everything, he was the waiter, he was the bartender, he delivered the room service and I swear he must have been back there cooking too. So obviously it was taking a while to get our food, meanwhile this woman sitting in front of the fireplace with this adorable little dog, a chiau chiau (sp?) who was a light blue and looked like a miniature Weimerainer came over and started talking to us, in such a west coast fashion. Immediately telling us about herself and asking us questions, I had the dog on my lap in about 2 minutes. The dog by the way, was wearing this killer little sweatshirt that looked like it belonged on a rock star. Anyway, we are talking and all of the sudden she leans over and starts whispering in my ear, "Don't turn around but Steve Buscemi is over in the corner reading a newspaper." It takes everything to not look at that exact moment, but I don't because I don't want to appear uncool, although for my first star sighting that is exactly what I am. Anyway, we chat for a while, I do look and sure enough Steve is hanging reading his paper. It is going to be fun here. I can tell. Some Steve Buscemi movies for those of you who don't know, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," "Fargo." "Sin City." "Big Fish." "Charlotte's Web." some of the "Spy Kids" and like 35 more.


Sarah said...

Celebrity sightings... Yay!

Mark said...

So Amy, did Chase call me by accident a second time last night, or was it a gentle reminder by you to finally leave a comment on your vacation blog? Either way, here I am, and thank goodness your most recent entry includes a topic I can relate to, celebrity sightings. I saw Maya Rudolph last week, the one from SNL. That is her name, right? Not as good a celebrity sighting as yours, but they happen somewhat frequently here in NYC, so maybe I will have a better one to report before your vacation is over. Robert Downey, Jr... I just saw a movie he did with Nicole Kidman, called, "Fur," which was a little artsy film, kind of creepy and at times melodramatic, but wonderfully shot. It told an imaginary tale of a moment in the life of Diane Arbus, the well-known photographer. Steve Buscemi... I met him years ago, twenty probably, when my friend, Andrea, was producing a public access tv show. Nice guy, at least he was back then. West Hollywood... isn't that where I should be vacationing? If you meet a cute guy who is single and nice, stick him in your suitcase and bring him back for me. That's the only souvenir I really need and can use. Love you.

Amy said...

Are you trying to one up me with celebrity sightings Mr. NYC? Just kidding. You know I love a sighting. Love you too!