Saturday, August 11, 2007

Biking Torture Day

It all started out so nicely. We thought, "Let's go on a nice bike ride through Aspen." It seemed like such a good idea. Everyone was excited for about the first 8 miles. We just didn't realize how far we were going. In the beginning they were so happy, all smiles. Chase and Marc were trying to one up each other with no hands tricks. It reminded me of The Muppet Movie, that I saw when I was like 8. Kermit and Miss Piggy were riding bikes in the park. Kermit was trying to impress Piggy with some tricks. Those two Muppet Judges were sitting there and the one goes to the other, "Look Mom no brains." That would be Marc and Chase.
It was a beautiful ride, first we rode all around a neighborhood with these adorable houses and they all had the most gorgeous landscaping and flowers. It was like something out of a storybook. After that we got on a trail, it followed a river all around the side of the mountain. There were places on the mountain that fresh water ran off of. It was lovely. Until it was time to head back. Oh there were tears, there were, " I can't do it." "I am tired." and my personal favorite, from Chase of course, "My butt hurts." We took breaks. We practiced breathing and one incredibly kind girl who was running shared her water with us. It was extreme test of fortitude for them. They made it. Now they are very proud of themselves. We are proud of them too. Saige did say, "Are we going for a bike ride tomorrow?" She had a look of fear in her eyes. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


Brother Chris said...

Tell Saige not to worry about biking today. Let her know today will be the running and swimming portions of their Triathalon.

Amy said...

I think that will ease her mind.

mama said...

I thought this was supposed to be a relaxing vacation not a torture trip. Maybe some shopping will ease those poor sore muscles and only hurt Marc's pockets.