Friday, August 24, 2007

A really good ending......

to a really bad day. This is the before picture. Now I am going to tell you all something that won't be a big surprise if you know us at all. Saige broke her foot. Yes, that's right. Emergency room, cast, crutches, the whole nine yards. It all started out so peacefully. We dropped the kids off at surf camp. We went home, dropped the car off, got our bikes and rode back to the beach because they were having a surf competition for the last day. We sat ourselves down and let the festivities begin, Saige was in the first heat, she was kicking butt, doing so well, riding the waves like a pro. Then, her last run, she didn't realize how shallow the water was and jumped off her board and came down the wrong way on her ankle. The story of our life. Tears, Marc carry's her to shore. Ankle swells up. Hospital. The rest you can guess.

The day went down hill from there. I won't bore you or bum you out with the details but in two words I don't like my kids to use "It Sucked."

Guess what though? We had fun in the end. We had dinner reservations, thank goodness it had been a plan. And Chase, my Chase, when all hell was breaking loose looks at me and in all seriousness goes, "Are we still going out to dinner tonight?" He knew there was lobster in the future and he wasn't sure if he too was getting sca-rewd. We did go out to dinner and and had the best time. At this point we could giggle at the crappiness of the day and reflect back on all the fun we have had. We took a bunch of pictures, Marc and Saige were sitting next to each other and all their pictures are adorable. Chase was in one of his silly mood's and making all sorts of goofy jesters in the pictures. He's so bad. But we love him so.

Tomorrow we are off to San Diego. We get to see our good friend David so we are so looking forward to that. Then soon after we will be back on the east coast. See you all soon.

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Meredith said...

Oh no! Poor Saigy, poor you. Feet, ankles, arms, wrists, is there no end to it? I am glad you were able to pull out of that downer and go have a good dinner and some fun. Well, she'll just have to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons (right?)for the rest of the trip, but it's just so too bad. Tell her I'm thinking about her, and now she'll have plenty to blog about.