Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hello Bear!

Wednesday was bear day. We drove into the park again. There are two main roads that run through Grand Teton park. On each one there are all these different turn offs. You don't really know what you are going to see. We took one that went a few miles through the forest. We ended at the base of Jackson Lake. It is beautiful. There is a rock beach and the water and people can take there boats in off it. We stopped there for quite a while. The kids swam. The water was freezing. This does not ever seem to even affect Chase. He goes right in like it's nothing. He told Saige it was just like our pool. When he lured her in he said he mean't the day we opened it. He taunted her until she got in and played for a bit but it was to cold for her. Marc fished and I read my book and we just hung out, it was very relaxing.
On our drive out we saw this little guy. He was just sitting on the hill eating. He saw us and just sauntered on by. He is a black bear. Saige learned that black bears snouts are straight and grizzlys have a curve to theirs.
We are fishing again at the dam. No luck yet. Chase just came up and told me he caught a fish with his hands. He said, "Don't worry Mom, I let it go. It was sick." Lovely.


Brother Chris said...

This Chachi is quite the prankster. Where in the world could he have gotten that trait? (From his mother perhaps?) Anyway, it all seems like great, good fun. It seems that each of you has gotten to the point of being able to discard all the daily annoyances and really appreciate what you are seeing and experiencing. Good for you and especially good for the kids. Tell Gigi she better check her bear book again. That black bear in the picture is 'grizzly colored'. I never saw a brown black bear before. Alright, got to go see what the little Missus has posted on her site to delight us today.

Meredith said...

That picture makes me a little queazy too. I think everybody should STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE. I don't know about bears, but that guy's wearing a collar. Do all the animals get tagged? Tell Chase the fish was probably just cold. The pool's like a bathtub today (it's very hot here; I know, it's AUGUST). Maybe I will even go in some day.