Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another successful fishing day

Marc and the kids had a great day fishing. Chase had his pole in and before Marc even had his pole ready Chase had a rainbow trout on his line. They threw that back in and continued catching fish all day. Saige got one too. After that they went and got fish fillets at McDonalds and took a couple bites and put the rest in the dumpster as bear bait. They are bound and determined to see a bear out there. They also went and cleaned out the car. A dirty car drives Marc crazy. You can imagine what ours looked like after 3000 miles of driving. It looks brand new now.
We are having a little agenda problem because we are not sure the weather looks good for the next place we are supposed to go. I have been working on an alternate plan all day.

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mama said...

So they haven't given up on the bears yet. What are your options for the next leg of your trip? How mch longer are you plannning on staying in Aspen? So are you ready to buy a place in Aspen? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Continue to have a wonderful time and keep the pictures comming. Love to all