Wednesday, August 15, 2007

part three

After all our adventures on the boat the sky started to get dark. We headed back to the dock to get the boat out of the lake. The kids and I waited with the boat while Marc went to get the car and the trailer. Now Marc had been fishing all day, he went through a tremendous amount of trouble to get the boat, get it in the water etc.... he really love's fishing, this is obvious. So, he is off getting the car and We are standing on the dock and Saige noticed a bunch of fish swimming around us. Chase threw the rod in. In about 3 minutes pulls out this bigmouth bass. He was so happy. Thankfully Marc got back in time to see it and help get it back in the water. Also, I was glad it started to rain or who knows how long we would have had to be on that dock.


Meredith said...

What a beauty! Please tell Chase Granpa and I are very proud of him. Are you going to see a show while you're in Vegas? It must be culture shock after all the mountains and scenery.

Amy said...

Maybe a show. We are waiting on tickets.