Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Are we in Paris? No of course not. But that's what we told the kids. What do they know? They are just kids. No, of course we didn't do that. Saige and I went down to the strip today and walked around. We went shopping and had lunch. We also got our caricature done.
Marc and Chase went out with Marc's friend, they rode around in a lamborghini murcielago. It was the highlight of Chase's day. It is not a big fish but apparently equally as satisfying. Chase was also fascinated by all the tall buildings. We are not in Wyoming anymore. He keeps asking if we are going to go to "the lottery". This is what he thinks the casinos are called. I keep trying to explain to him that kids can't go to the casino. He is trying to push Marc and I into going. I think he wants us to win big. Fortunately the place we are staying has no casino so I don't think there will be much gambling for us. We are nice and relaxed here. We just ordered some room service and are hanging in. Tomorrow I think we are going to show them Venice. Who knew this would be such a cultural trip?


Brother Chris said...

This "Eiffel Tower" picture may have been a mistake to post. I already keep thinking Griswald when I should be thinking Schramm. Now with this reference to France I've added a mental snapshot of Chase walking around in a beret with his name stitched across the front and Marc telling him that's what all the people wear here.

Amy, I'd like you to admit for all of us if, at anytime during this trip, when you were trying to get Marc's attention, that you accidentally called him Clark?

Meredith said...

Where are you staying? No casino? I didn't think there were any hotels in Las Vegas without a casino.

To place a pic in your blog, import the pic, select it with the cursor, hold down the cursor and drag at the same time to the bottom. Sometimes you have to fool around a bit to get it placed, but if you are patient (?), you can get it work.

I don't understand Chris's post. Is this some inside joke or what? Who's Clark?

Amy said...

Clark is from a movie. National Lampoons Vacation. Chevy Chase is Clark. It is a classic. The kids actually watched it while we were in Wyoming. Thanks for the pix tips I will try it. Love you!